"My Life is My only Business"

International workshop in Russian and English
Moscow, 14 December 2019
10:00 - 21:00 

International workshop "My Life is My only Business"
(the working languages are Russian and English)

This event is for those:
✔  Who have their own business
✔ Who are planning to start their own business 
✔ And All who want something more in their lives 

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What does “business” mean for you? 

We have been taught that business is about earning money and gaining profit for ourselves.

We are usually focused on making it the right way and avoiding anything wrong. We used to do business based on this reality.

But what does “business” mean for you? How would you define “business”?

When have you decided that doing business is not for you and you are not capable of creating one?

When have you decided to shy away from this idea?

What is the burden you have associated it with and concluded that it is certainly not for you? 

But what if Your Business can be the simplest and greatest creation of your life?

What is it that allows some people to be money and create something bigger?

And what is it that makes other people drawn in the debt pit?

What if your business can be your easiest and greatest creation, and not a burden? 

What if your business can be something easy, simple and clear?

птицы в небе

We invite all of you who is ready to go beyond existing perceptions of business to make a step forward and become an unstoppable creator who you really are!

What if Your Life is Your only Business?

And what if you are already in business just because you are alive and blood runs in your veins?

What would you create then? How many opportunities would be available for you?

What if you could stop seeing money as a monster that scares you and let it be contribution for you?

Let it take care of you, please you and make you happy.

What then? What if there are other possibilities?

Are you ready to receive it?  

The workshop consists of a little bit of theory and tons of practice:

☘ Group meditations. Work with the energy flow in your business

☘ Creation of magical questions for your business and learn how to use them practically

☘ Bodywork:
✔ Session with the energy center of self-respect and self-appreciation. It is also connected with our spiritual and material values. It lets the money energy flow smoothly in your life.
✔ Session with the energy center of vitality and inner light. It lets you connect with your juiciness and delightfulness and become a magnet for abundance in your life.
✔ Body energy process to shed light on what is happening within your business. You can improve your eyesight by 1-2 diopters as a bonus side effect.  

☘ Uncreation of all blocks and blasts that hold the limiting energy that prevents you from receiving more (money, creativity, creation, etc).  

☘ Energy pulling through your business

☘ Interactive exercises in group of two and three

☘ Aromatherapy (lets the energy flow easily and freely)

десертное меню 

WOrkshop venue

Organizers and partners of the workshop

FAcilitators of the workshop

Spouses Natalia Mironova and Damir Kazykhanov 

Natalia Mironova (Lakshmi) - obstetrician and gynecologist, psychologist, facilitator of Tibetan pulsing workshops, energy practitioner and healer. 

Certified instructor and facilitator of Tibetan pulsing, Access Bars, Theta Healing, Reconnection Healing workshops and 
training courses . 
Happy woman, wife and mother of a grown-up son.

Along with 24 years in traditional medicine as an 
obstetrician and gynecologist she has started to practice holistic medicine and spiritual energy practicies more than 10 years ago. Natalia used to travel a lot and meet like-minded people to deepen her knowledge and experience various energy practices with well-recognized spiritual teachers and masters. In her job Natalia uses Tibetan pulsing, Reiki, Qigong, Dao practices, Silva method, Theta Healing, Reconnection Healing, energetic work with mindfulness channels, Access Consciousness, Tantric and Osho practices.

Damir Kazykhanov – entrepreneur, facilitator of Tibetan pulsing workshops, translator and publisher of Russian book“The twenty four lights inside you” about 
Tibetan pulsing healing system. 
Damir is experienced in international public speaking, personal coaching for entrepreneurs and professionals. Husband, father of two kids.

Damir have been experienced spiritual practices since 2009: Tibetan pulsing, Sufi practices, Osho practices and meditations, breathing exercises, body gymnastics, tantric, vocal energetic practices,  Acсess Bars, Theta Healing.

You can learn more about workshop leaders and read feedbacks on this web page (in Russian).

семейная пара в пустыне

Workshop ticket price

15 000   

International workshop “My Life is My only Business” is organized with support of American partners, which provides an opportunity for some of the participants to win scholarship that covers up to 100% of the workshop ticket price.  

The value of scholarship will depends on how you transmit the energy of your intention and readiness to take part in this very workshop, with these facilitators.

We invite you to start your participation in the workshop now by going through three steps towards the new quality of your business.

Every step accomplished gives you credits to win the scholarship that can cover form 50% to 100% of the workshop ticket price:
Step 1: After you register for the event the organizers team will contact you for scheduling the 20-30 minutes interview on https://zoom.us platform. Please make sure that you have this application installed and have reliable internet connection.

Step 2: Participate in the interview

Step 3: Share the information about the workshop in social media (we will tell you how to do it after the registration)

The call for applications will be closed on December 3 at 23:59 . 
 The deadline for steps 1-3 is December 5 incl. 

Call for application will be closed in


Register for International workshop: "My life is my only buisness!"
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that can cover up to 100% of the workshop ticket price